Caryn was here to visit over the long weekend, and we did so many things that by the time I dropped her at the airport Sunday afternoon, I was sore and ready for a nap. We squeezed a lot into the two-and-a-half days she was here.


Friday we went ice skating, since she had never been. I haven’t been ice skating in probably 15 years. I am pleased to report that while there was some flailing, neither of us fell. Not even once. When we were tired of skating, which only took about an hour, I realized that the Water Temple might be open, and decided to take her there. I love the Water Temple, but it’s only open on weekdays and I’m at work. But it was open, and was beautiful, and I made a fool of myself but had great fun doing it. Then we went back to my house for a bit, and then out to dinner at Shiok (Singaporean food) with Dee and Charlotte. I gave Caryn the choice between Morroccan, Ethiopian, and Singaporean food (she wanted to try something new/foreign/exotic), and she chose Singaporean, and was really happy that she did becasue she really liked it.
Saturday we drove out to Santa Cruz for breakfast at Zachary’s. The drive is easily 45 minutes, possibly closer to an hour. A little over halfway there she said “You go all this way for breakfast?” and I told her I usually only do it twice a year or so. She got to meet Keegan, who joined us in S.C. for breakfast, and after a few bites of her breakfast said she understood why we drove all that way to go to this place. After breakfast we walked around downtown Santa Cruz, and then Keegan took off for home and Caryn and I went to the Boardwalk. We spent several hours there, and I managed to avoid getting a sunburn (yay!). We drove up the coast from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay so she could meet my parents, and we had dinner at the Princeton Seafood Company and it was very yummy. All in all it was an incredibly full active day, and we were both exhausted by the time we got back to my house.
Sunday I had to go to look at dresses for Lolly’s wedding, and so I had to drag Caryn along to that, but she was excited to meet Lolly so it was all good. Given that the dress shop was in Campbell and that Caryn had to be at the San Jose airport by 4ish, we decided to stay down south and we went to the Great Mall, had lunch at Dave & Buster’s and played a round of blacklight mini-golf at Putting Edge, which was pretty fun.
Then came the sad moment of dropping her off at the airport and sending her back to her husband and her life in Austin. And I drove myself home and promptly collapsed on my bed for a nap.