From zero to HOCKEY!

I grew up in a house where there was constantly football on the TV. Football preempted all else. We weren’t allowed to walk in front of the tv during a play. Football was boring. The first (and only) baseball game I ever attended was 0-0 with no base hits until someone hit a homer in the bottom of the 9th. BO-RING! I also grew up in a house of readers. We weren’t athletes. My sister and I never played sports, though we were both cheerleaders for a couple of years.
Okay, now stop laughing at the visual of me as a cheerleader. It was a looooong time ago. Bottom line is that my whole life I’ve been pretty much uninterested in any kind of sport.
Then I started hanging out a lot with Charlotte and Dee. They like hockey. I was “eh” on hockey. I didn’t really care one way or another. I saw snippets of games here and there, but nothing that really held my interest. Until I went to my first game that is… After that, I loved hockey. I have been to several games since, and every game reinforces my love of this sport. Now that I have Tivo I record the games. I understand what is going on most of the time, which is probably the best part- understanding the penalties and the action.
My dad used to yell at the tv during football games. I always thought it was dumb. But last night, as I watched the Sharks beat the Canucks and clinch their playoff spot, I yelled at the TV. I whooped in celebration when we won, which made my housemate laugh. My friends are very happy that they’ve converted me, and are highly amused at how quickly I became such a big fan.
I’m going to the Sharks/Canucks game tonight, and I’m so excited. The energy at the Tank should be really high, and I will be right at home screaming with the rest of the fans.
**UPDATED** I had the following exchange with Caryn that totally reinforces what I just said here, and it made me laugh.
judy: mainly I am just so excited about tonight that I want the work part of my day to hurry up and end
caryn: what’s tonight?
judy: Sharks vs. Canucks, the second in a head-to-head series
judy: last night’s game was very exciting because it not only clinched our playoff spot, but guaranteed us at least seventh in our division
caryn: lol. listen to you. you didn’t know anything about hockey a few months ago… look at ya now. 🙂
judy: heh. yeah, I just posted about that