Be My Valentine?

Wegg double-dog dared her readers to put up a “Be My Valentine” post to see who would respond and admit to reading their blogs. Since this worked *so* well during de-lurker week (can you just feel all that sarcasm there?) I figured I’d try again.
Oh, and as I said to someone in IM earlier, an open note to my coworkers: I know I said I wouldn’t get bitter on Valentine’s Day this year, but sign for your own damn flowers.

5 thoughts on “Be My Valentine?

  1. wegglywoo

    lurking is the true phantom menace. i think that if ppl stopped lurking, and started talking, there’d be more lerv and less fear in the world.
    thank you for my valentine, and thank you for your blog; here’s to a valentine-led renaissance for this tired old world!

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