I’m never parking my car again

I went to my first hockey game tonight. It was fabulous. I’ll post about it later, because this post needs to get out first. It’s 4:20 am and I can’t sleep. My car got broken into tonight while I was at Charlotte’s. Thing is, unlike when my car got vandalized at Dee and Chad’s last year, she lives in a really good, really quiet neighborhood.
I was leaving her house at 1:30am, after my very first hockey game which I loved, and then some hanging out. I noticed that the light was on in my car, and I was like, “crap, I left the inside light on again,” this coming after having to get my car jumped a couple of weeks ago. When I got to the car, I noticed that the back door wasn’t closed all the way, and I thought that was probably the culprit to the light being on, and I didn’t think anything of it because I had gotten something out of the back seat before I left the car. That’s when I saw
the window
. They smashed my small back window and rifled through the back seat, then the front seat and the trunk.
Hardly anything was taken, because there wasn’t much in my car but empty water bottles and clothes. Same with the trunk. But they went through it all anyway. There are a few things missing, but thankfully tonight was not one of the times that I left my phone in my car.
The CDs that were in the center console and in the glove compartment are gone. Thing is, I haven’t opened that center console in like, a year, so it’s not like I’m going to miss those. Also, I’m pretty sure there were mosly empty cases in there, though they did get my O-Town CD. Which, shut up Charlotte, I refuse to be embarrassed that I owned. They also got a set of four two-way radios that were in the trunk that I bought for the theater and was planning to return to Radio Shack because they didn’t suit our needs.
Charlotte pointed out that whomever broke in though was really stupid. they probably stole $100 worth of stuff. They missed all the CDs I have strapped to my visor. I know they saw my iTrip, because it was on my seat and not in the center console. They could probably have gotten $40 for that on EBay. They also left my suede coat that was in my back seat. I am so happy about that, because I LOVE that coat. But it’s an expensive coat. Also, thankfully my Christmas present from Dee was still in my trunk (a box of stuffed doozers). The box was opened but they appeared untouched. They also opened the Pottery Barn box that was in the trunk. I can’t imagine why they didn’t want the Elmer Fudd Chia Head that was inside. It was a White elephant gift- don’t ask.
We called the police, and they were really really nice to me about the whole thing. They fingerprinted my car which is kind of cool. At one point, they dusted a set, then the cop looked carefully at the print on the car, then shined his flashlight on my finger, and determined that these particular prints on the car were mine. They managed to lift a set of prints off the lid of the trunk that were too large to be mine. So we’ll see if anything comes of it, but I doubt it.
So in the morning I get to take everything out of my car, vacuum the glass out of the back seat and figure out how to tape a window. I’m supposed to go to a party at Chad & Dee’s today, but I really don’t want to park my car there. Arrrrgh.

2 thoughts on “I’m never parking my car again

  1. Michael

    Bummer, Judy. I’m sorry that happened to you.
    Wanna hear a weird one? This one time, back in ’93? ’94?, I was living in Boston and my then-girlfriend came in through the door.
    “Your friend, (some woman’s name), left her purse in my trunk,” my girlfriend greeted me.
    “What?” I asked.
    “(some woman’s name). Her purse is in my trunk.”
    Let me explain that, 1a) I typed ‘(some woman’s name)’ up above there not to protect the woman’s identity but, rather, because I do not remember what the woman’s name was; 1b) I do not remember what the woman’s name was because I’d never heard of her before– I had no idea who my girlfriend was talking about; and, 2) my girlfriend found this woman’s purse in her trunk immediately after she’d lent me her car.
    Two thoughts immediately ripped through my head: 1) My girlfriend just found another woman’s purse in the trunk of her car after lending me said car; am I going to be able to convince her I don’t know who the woman is, or will attempting to only make me look like a lying cheat trying to conceal his guilt? 2) Is it actually possible someone broke into my girlfriend’s car’s trunk and left behind a stolen purse? Can that actually be what has happened here?
    My girlfriend and I went out to the car; together, we had a look at the purse.
    I told my girlfriend I didn’t know the woman, and I’d never seen the purse before; I told her where I’d left the car parked (on Huntington Ave, nearly in front of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, which is just a short ways from the main campus of Northeastern University, where I was attending classes at the time). We looked carefully at the lock on the trunk, to see if we could determine whether it had been broken into (“…uhm, maybe. It does look bent there.”) I suggested we contact the police about the purse.
    I let her make the phone call.
    Sure enough, the police contacted the woman, whose driver’s license was still in the purse, and confirmed with her that her purse had indeed been stolen– out of her car. Yes, the police confirmed, someone had gone along Huntington Ave breaking into several cars, stealing things out of them and ditching stuff in the next car.
    Neither my girlfriend’s trunk nor the car had had anything stolen from them (because nothing in them was worth stealing), but her trunk had been forced open and the purse ditched there.
    I still feel a bit weirded whenever I remember the event. And I definitely felt uncomfortable at the thought of parking on the same strip of Huntington Ave afterwards.
    So, yeah, sorry that your car got burgled.

  2. Brad

    Major bummer! I’d be white-hot mad too. If anything, for the inconvenience of repairing the window.
    You’re either unlucky or look like you’ve got good stuff. Maybe keep more in the trunk and less in the back seat? I don’t know. I haven’t had a car broken into since I was a teenager (I miss that bass cannon). 🙂

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