So, last night Charlotte and I got trapped in Dee and Chad’s apartment. The parking situation over there pretty much sucks. Dee’s truck, Merlot (she has two vehicles and we refer to them by their names rather than my their makes), was parked in what is essentially part of their backyard. Charlotte was parked blocking Merlot in, in sort of a non-space that people use anyway. I parked at the end of their garage. When it came time for Dee to leave for work, we realized we all needed to go do the parking space shuffle so Dee could get Merlot out and go to work, and Charlotte and I needed to go find some dinner anyway.
I was the first person to get of the apartment and walk over to where all the cars were. When I headed down the walkway I saw a police car stopped in the street, double parked, but across the street, so the cop could have been at any number of places. When I truned the corner, I saw that Charlotte, and as a result, Dee, were blocked in by a neighbor’s car, whi in turn was blocked in by a second cop. My car was pretty much the only one parked in that area that had the ability to be moved, so I walked back to Dee, who was locking her apartment door, and said “Dee, you’re taking my car to work.” She gave me kind of a funny look, and then the three of us rounded the corner and they saw what I was talking about.
So Dee handed me the keys to Merlot and took off for work in my car, and Charlotte and I headed back inside to wait for the cops to leave, every so often slipping through the backyard to peer around the cars and see what was up. The cops hung around for a very long time, making it semi-necessary for Charlotte and I to go rummaging around in Dee’s cabinets. We came up with Triscuits and EasyCheese. It was 10 pm on a Monday night, so no one would deliver us a pizza.
Finally the cops were gone, at about 11. We then had to go knocking on doors to find out who owned the car blocking Charlotte in, and of course, it belonged to someone in “The Mean Lady’s” apartment. I went up and knocked on the door, and a very unfriendly “Who is it?” was shouted through the door.
“Um… it’s your? neighbor’s? friend?” (it should be said that this is the person whose friends keyed my car last January because I parked in “their” space)
She opened the door and I pointed, asking if she knew whose car that was, because we wanted to get the cars out, and don’t worry, we’re leaving and weren’t coming back that night.
We got all the cars moved, and I remembered how much I hate driving Merlot. Sometimes it is a necessary evil, but I like driving my little car much better. Charlotte and I finally got some dinner at 11:30. Pho Hoa was the only thing still open in the area, so we went there, where I randomly ran into someone I haven’t seen since my junior year of highschool, what are the odds? 11:30 at night, and we were the only four people in the place. I gave her my cell and my email, so maybe I’ll hear from her.