Texas is HOT

Okay, so it took me two weeks to get a recap of Caryn’s wedding up, but at least it’s up before she gets home from her honeymoon. I got in on Friday evening, and had to order dinner into my hotel room because Caryn had stuff to do, and it was too hot to walk anywhere. There were fried pickles on the menu. I was surprised, apalled, and slightly intrigued. So, I ordered them. And I was almost upset to learn that they’re good. But not once they get cold. Ewww.
The morning of the rehearsal was beautiful. Sunny, clear, and once again, HOT. I’m a California wuss when it comes to weather, but still. The place where the wedding was being held was stunning.

The rehearsal dinner was at Dave & Buster’s. It was so yummy, and so much fun. The Dave & Buster’s by me is kinda ghetto, so when Caryn told me they were thinking of having the rehearsal there, I was skeptical. But, as with everything with this wedding, I gave my opinion when asked, but accepted the decisions she made because they were just that- her decisions. And I’m glad she decided that, because the rehearsal dinner was great. It was so them, and everyone had a great time.
The day of the wedding was gorgeous too, but soooo HOT. Caryn had told me that the temperature for late September was usually in the high 80s. I may be a wuss, but I can handle high 80’s, especially with the breezes that always run through Villa Antonia. But of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, it was way hotter than that. The record high for Austin for September 25 was 97 degrees (F). On September 25 of this year, I heard the temperature was 108. YIPES. But Caryn still looked beautiful.

And despite the heat, there was still dancing. I loved the looks on their faces as they looked at each other during their first dance. And I’m totally stealing her father/daughter dance song if I ever get married. She danced with both her dad and her stepdad- I thought that was sweet. One of my favorite photos from that day is from that dance, taken by her mom, and she wasn’t even dancing:

There are a ton more, but I’m not going to upload them all – instead here’s a link to a select few more- I have over 300 pics thanks to Tegan, I chose about 30 to share with y’all. (oh, and I only spent 4 days in Texas, but the “y’all” seems to be permanently stuck)
Knock yourself out.