Further proof that I’m the *normal* one

Charlotte: Hey. I have to run down to the mall at lunch. You wanna meet there and grab something to eat?
Me: I’d love to but I have to run errands on lunch myself. Where do you have to go?
Charlotte: Well, I need to find a beret, either red or black. I was planning to hit Nordstroms, because I know they always have them.
Me: a beret?
Charlotte: Yep.
Me: For a show, or just because?
Charlotte: I’m celebrating Bastille Day, and you can’t do that without a beret.
Me: You’re funny. Is that today?
Charlotte: I’ve got the rest of the outfit going on (I’m so not dressed appropriately for work), but I need the beret.
Charlotte: . . . and the make-up, but that I’ll do after work.
Me: This I may have to see… what are you wearing, and what are you doing after work to celebrate?
Charlotte: I’m wearing the four inch, spike heel, red, vinyl boots, and a short black dress. The dress is fine, it’s the boots that make it questionable. It’s fun, but I gotta be careful how I sit down. Flashing issues – you know.
Me: yes. So how are you celebrating, other than mode of dress?
Charlotte: Julie and I are going Snotty French Wine Tasting at a Snotty French place in Santana Row. I intend to speak in a French accent, and insult people for no reason.
Me: wow.

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