Adventures in Fun and Not Fun

I had a pretty good weekend. Did some fun things, and some decidedly not fun things. I think the good outweighs the bad by a decent margin, and though I am in pain today, it’ll pass quickly I think.
Sawzall? Fun!!
Exfoliating face wash on sunburned skin? Not Fun!
Spent a lazy day at my friend’s house with her kitties on Saturday- she was away on a trip and I was caring for the kitties. Got to spend some quality time in her bathtub (oh, how I miss having a bathtub) and watched DVDs on my laptop while Antigone and Hippolyta alternated coming to me for some affection. Antigone is in heat, and spent the entire time I was in the bath yowling like she was being tortured. I didn’t know what was wrong with her til Charlotte got home last night and told me, but when she jumped up on on the end of the bathtub, hale and healthy, and continued to yowl at me, I figured she was fine and just ignored it. As is normal for her, Ariadne hid the whole time I was there.
Got up early yesterday and headed out to Half Moon Bay to help clear bushes on a hilltop so we can have a camping event there this summer. The hilltop is large and flat, and mostly cleared open space, but over the years the coyote scrub (I have no idea if thats the real name for it, when I was growing up we called them tick bushes) has encroached on the open space so we were cutting it back. We had a generator, so we were able to run electric tools, and I got to use a sawzall. My arms are quite sore from that- I love powertools but haven’t used them in ages, and the rest of me is sore from trekking all over the hillside, and from the nasty sunburn I managed to pick up.
The last of the new housemates (Troll) was at the house with a moving truck when I got back from Half Moon Bay, I waved and said I’d be back down in a bit to say a proper hello. I met one of his friends on the stairs, and did the “sorry, I can’t shake your hand, I don’t want to give you poison oak” thing, got into my room and hopped straight into a cool shower. Apparently hot showers can spread poison oak or something… By the time I got back downstairs he was nowhere to be found, so, whatever.
I seem to have inherited my dad’s immunity to poison oak though, as I was practically rolling in it (well… kneeling in it) because it was growing along the road at the base of all the coyote scrub, which I was hacking out with the sawzall, and have no yucky itchies today. My housemate (DumbAss) is really allrgic to it though, so when he saw me and asked about the sunbrn, I recounted the tale of the days work, and he gave me a funny look and asked if I’d showered. I said yes. He asked if I had changed my clothes, and I gave him a funny look, and said yes. I was kinda like Hello? I’m sitting on the couch, in my pjs, with wet hair… But I said yes, I came home, webnt straight up to my room, didn’t touch anything on my way through the house, showered in cold water, put my clothes straight into the washer, and they were already in the dryer.
So I’m sore and sunbured and a little more tired than the average Monday, but it was the first weekend in a long time that I didn’t feel like I wasted a lot of it. And that’s a good feeling.

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