Still sunny

Yesterday, I left work really late. A little after 7 late. But I had stuff I needed to get done, and no plans for the evening, so I didn’t mind. Yesterday was another gloriously sunny day. When I left work, it was dark, but the air still smelled like hot pavement, warm grass, and leaves. I went to the grocery store, and finally was pointed towards home at about 8:30. And I rolled the windows down in my car and enjoyed the night air… It was fabulous.
As for why I held my breath that it would continue on Thursday… Thursday was March 10. March 10 is the day I used to stay in bed with the covers over my head, because it was a jinxed day.
March 10, 1993 – My friend Lisa fainted at school and was passed out in a supply closet for an hour before anyone noticed. She had been really sick, and had been having fainting spells- she was not supposed to have been left alone. We figured in classes she’d be fine with all those people around. But she ducked into the closet to grab some stuff for class (it was an agriculture class) and passed out. I showed up to pick her up for lunch and no one knew where she was. We had to call an ambulance and she went to the hospital. She spent 23 hours in the emergency room because they couldn’t figure out what was causing the fainting spells, then spent another week in the hospital after that.
March 10, 1994 – We had to put our cat, Max, to sleep because he had feline leukemia. As if that wasn’t sad enough, Max was the cat we had gotten from a friend of ours who had died. Max was sort of our last tangible piece of Scott.
March 10, 1995 – Got in a big fight with my best friend, Valerie, over my spiritual beliefs and the fact that she didn’t believe in me. Looking back it was sort of stupid, but at the time- it was totally bad.
March 10, 1996 and 1997 – didn’t get out of bed
March 10, 1998 – Learned that Valerie was being beaten by her husband. I would have found this out eventually, it was just sort of coincidence that it was March 10.
1998 was the last time that March 10 had anything notably bad happen, but I’m still a little wary on that date.

3 thoughts on “Still sunny

  1. Kay

    I’m with you! Unbelievable, but my terrific husband died in a plane crash, March 7, (years ago)and I buried him March 10. My Mom died on March 8, 2001, and was buried March 11. The man I date had to bury his dear Aunt on the 12th this year(closer to her than his own Mom). As I stood there in the cemetery, I was traumatized temporarily at the coincidence.
    I tread lightly the whole month of March, but for sure the first half. Bless you getting through 2005 unscathed on the 10th!

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