Given up?

The answers to the lyric meme are behind the cut.

1) Shoulder to Cry On – Tommy Page (David got the song, Kat got the artist)
2) True – Ryan Cabrera (Kelly got this one)
3) Save Yourself – Sensefield (no one got this, and that kinda surprises me)
4) Could It Be Any Harder – The Calling (no one got this, which also surprises me)
5) Can’t Fight This Feeling – REO Speedwagon (Kat got this one)
6) Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart – Alison Krauss and Shenandoah (David got this one)
7) The Last Thing – Diana Anaid (no one got this, and again, I am surprised)
8) See the Sun – Dido (Kelly got this one)
9) The World I Know – Collective Soul (Kat got this one)
10) Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough – Patti Smyth & Don Henley (Rasee got this one)
11) I Am A Rock – Simon & Garfunkel (Michael got this one)
12) Hey Jude – The Beatles (Kat got this one)
13) Children of the Night – Richard Marx (Kat got this one)
14) Song for the Lonely – Cher (Kelly got this one)
15) Jainy – Five for Fighting (no one got this one, but that didn’t really surprise me)
16) Sand and Water – Beth Nielsen Chapman (no one got this one, but that didn’t really surprise me either)
17) Shiny Happy People – REM (no one got this, which really surprised me)
18) Zephyr Song – Red Hot Chili Peppers (agian, no one got it and I was surprised)
19) One in a Million – Bosson (no one got this, only mildly surprised by that)
20) As Long as You’re Mine – from the musical “Wicked” (no one got it, not totally surprised, and the funny thing is that for the first day the post was up, the title was in parentheses under the lyrics- whoops)