Weekend From Hell

Yikes. What a weekend. It’s 9:30 Monday morning, and I’m just getting to work (for those of you who don’t know, that’s an hour after I’m supposed to be here.) And it’s Valentine’s Day, how lovely. Excuse me while I barf.
Looong weekend recap:
Saturday started off well. I got up early and went on a site walk through for a place my medieval group is going to be holding an event this summer (and my calves *still* hurt from all the hill walking I did). I got home a little after noon and sat down at my computer to type up the minutes from the group’s meeting last Wednesday. But, since I also had the TV on, it took me a while to get them done. My housemates came home right as I was putting a DVD in, and Mer pretty much burst into the house exclaiming “I’m really drunk. Deal with it.” And I was like, “Umm, okay.” That ticked me off, but whatever, I had stuff to do, and I pretty much just ignored her and Leo. She also told me that she would be giving Dave, our other housemate who is also her brother, their 30 day notice that they were moving out. Okay fine. I knew that was coming.
I went back to my work, and Mer and Leo were watching the movie with me, verbally picking at each other, occasionally going out to smoke, or Leo to the garage to cut firewood and bring it in, and generally being loud. I was already irritated at Mer, and the loudness wasn’t helping my mood any. So I (not so subtly) picked up the remote and turned the volume on the TV up, hoping they would get the hint. They didn’t. They continued to bicker because Mer wouldn’t tell Leo something, and finally I had had it. I blew up at them.
Still looking at my computer screen, I said “Can we not do this right now?” and Mer said something to the effect of “Thank you”, thinking I was telling Leo to lay off. I swiveled around in my chair and let her know, in no uncertain terms that I was talking to her too. I said that I knew the TV room was a common area, but I was watching a movie and trying to get some work done and if they wanted to fight could they please go somewhere else and do it. I also told them that they need to figure out that they can’t communicate with each other when one or the other of them was drunk- it doesn’t work. And swiveled back to my computer as they sat there in stunned silence. I then proclaimed “This movie sucks, and I’m turning it off.” I went to the shelf to grab a different movie, and Mer started getting all defensive, and we yelled at each other some more, then she stomped out to the patio and burst into tears.
Leo sat on the couch not saying a word, and we all went on like that for about 45 minutes. Finally, I finished what I was working on, and was trying desperately to find something to do to get myself the heck out of dodge. Finally at about 6:00 I took off to go out with some friends, looking at wedding invitations, then dinner, then back to their house to watch a movie or two. I finally left about 2 am, got in my car, pulled onto the street, and realized I had a flat tire. Great. I turned around, and went back to my friends’ place. Chad came out to help me with the tire, because I’m lame and don’t know how to work my jack. I also don’t know how to get my hubcaps off. (I feel validated in that Chad could not get my hubcap off either) When we returned to my car from the apartment, that was when I saw they keying. The letters FU and some lines had been keyed into my hood. There were also two scratches down the side of my car, one right above the flat tire, and one that went from headlight to taillight. Lovely.
Apparently I had parked in a spot that one of their neighbors seems to think is her assigned parking place. It’s not. But they had called a tow truck to have my car towed. I just happened to leave right before, and was in a different place when the tow truck got there. The neighbors in question were outside talking to the tow truck, than came to talk to Chad and Dee and I, prompting a screaming match between the four of them. Mind you, it was about 2:30 in the morning. We had to call a different tow truck, since the one that had come to tow me did not take AAA, and I was finally on my way home at 3 am.
Val called me at 12:30 yesterday afternoon, I was supposed to be at the theater at 1:30 and she hadn’t heard from me (because I was still asleep). I got up, got showered real quick, and right when I got out of the shower Mer knocked on my door. She apologized, and I apologized too. I was right about what I said, but I do feel it was wrong of me to yell like that. Anyway, so things are okay there. She was knocking because they had seen the keying and the donut tire, and wanted to tell me my other tire in front was flat as well, and they were on their way out but would follow me to a gas station to put air in it if I wanted.
The tire filled up easily, but steadily lost air over the course of the day and overnight, I had to put more air in it this morning to get it to the tire place. I was hoping they had just loosened the valve stems to cause slow leaks, but no, both tires were ruined, and this morning I got two new tires, that being the reason I got to work an hour late. I’ll have to deal with the keying for a while, because my insurance deductible for vandalism is insanely high and it’ll take awhile before I can afford it.
Bleh. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

3 thoughts on “Weekend From Hell

  1. Judy

    My friends’ neighbors. They say they didn’t, of course, but they would not give me their names to use when I file the police report, so I’m just going to tell the cops their adress and what apartments they are in. And trust me, there was plenty of “going ballistic” and not just on my part.
    I’m filing the police report tonight- when it happened, it was 2 am in a bad part of San Jose, on a Saturday night. The cops had more important things to respond to than a vandalism call.

  2. Keegan

    Damn, dude. Will the insurance reimburse you for the tires, too? Save your receipt and maybe you can use that to cover part of your deductible. I’m sorry hon. People suck. And right as it’s about to be paid off.

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