Broken, Frozen and Showered

Last night was interesting. I had a meeting, then decided to see if Keegan wanted to go have dessert (I know, I need to get out of the “going out for dessert” habit). I got to his house, met his new housemate, then we left. In the driveway, I broke the window and dented the rear fender of one of his cars. He let me. He handed me the sledge hammer. The car was actually the “doorless wonder” that I have made reference to in the past, and he’s sending it off to be crushed tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to take a whack at it for a while now, and shattering a window was kinda exhilarating.
We went to TGIFriday’s because I was craving it, I can’t remember why. We had a really great server- she was witty and fun and put up with our crap and my finicky ordering. When my salad came, I picked up a piece of cucumber and showed it to Keegan and said “Look, it’s frozen” and in fact it was. He said I should send it back, but I just picked the cucumbers off and started eating the rest of it. But the lettuce was frozen too, and it hurt my teeth. I made a horrible face and managed to swallow, and Keegan was trying to figure out what was wrong. Our server came by about that point and asked how things were and I picked up my salad and said, “Um, sorry, but can I have another salad? This one is frozen.” And she gave me kind of a weird look, but I had put a frozen cucumber right on top, and she saw it, and was like “wow, um, yeah I’ll get you a new one”. So she brought a new salad and all was happy til it was time for dessert.
I have fairly simple taste when it comes to dessert, so I just ordered a sundae, and Keegan ordered the “atkins approved” cheesecake. (he’s not doing Atkins, he was just being good) Our server brought our desserts, and some drink refills for nearby tables. She put down Keegan’s cheesecake, then some drinks to a table next to us, and then reached for my sundae. And knocked a glass of Raspberry Iced tea off the tray. It hit our table and bounced (plastic glasses, good) splashing *everywhere*. I got quite a bit of it on my sweater, I yanked my purse out of the splash zone as quickly as possible (my ipod escaped unscathed) and the table and floor were covered in ice and tea. If you’ve never been to TGIFriday’s, their beverage glasses hold about 18 ounces. She then put my sundae down in a puddle of tea, so we could eat dessert while she cleaned up. These things happen, so we were pretty gracious about it, we weren’t harmed. It quickly became funny, especially when one of the hostesses was helping to clean up the mes and said “wow, she really did get this everywhere…” about 6 times.
*UPDATE* I forgot to say that Keegan’s car smelled very strongly of gasoline, I don’t know why but I think he does because he wasn’t concerned. On the way home we were tired and silly, and the gas smell was really strong, and we kept making jokes about huffing gas and getting high. We were crackwhores huffing turpentine, except, yanno, without the crackwhores or the turpentine. But that line will never get old. Serious. I plan to embarrass my future grandchildren, providing I have any, buy saying it, and they’re gonna be all “Dammit, Granny is talking about crackwhores huffing turpentine again!”

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  1. Keegan

    Gosh, Brad, if I knew that when you were here, I would have made a point of inviting you over. I’m sure there will be others. This is the second time I’ve gotten to do this!

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