The ones that got away…

Wow. The four that were left from the movie line post were not the four I thought they’d be. Well, maybe #9 because it’s older, but it’s a total chick flick so I thought someone would get it.
4. “I’m nice, I really am, apart from my terrible taste in pie” This is from Love, Actually. I loved it from the first time I saw it. I saw it in the theater, and then it was the first movie I got from Netflix. Totally unrealistic, but good fun anyway.
5. “These are my children, and I will protect them from myself even if I have to” Monsoon Wedding. A bunch of people recommended it, including my 7th grade english teacher, whom I am still in touch with through email. I’m not quite sure why I liked it so much, but I did. To me, it was love triumphing without the “Hollywood cheese”, and the strength of love and family and the human spirit.
7. “Being nice when you say something pricky is even prickier” Center Stage. Dancing movie. ‘Nuff said. I love dancing movies, and this one is about reaching for your dreams when others tell you it’s hopeless.
9. “Oh, there’s nothing worse than a finicky agapanthis” Bed of Roses. I can’t explain why I love this movie, I just do. And it’s not because of Christian Slater. (Caryn did know this one but she couldn’t think of the title.)
So thanks to all who played. It was fun.