Crackwhores Huffing Turpentine

That title is part of my favorite scene in Garden State, which I watched 5.5 times this weeknd (I fell asleep during the 4th viewing on Saturday) I spent the weekend ripping my cds to mp3 to put on my ipod, which arrived on Thursday. I am completely enamored of it (the movie and the ipod).
It was a pretty good weekend, I saw four movies other than Garden State this weekend too, two in the theater (The Wedding Date and Hide and Seek) and the other two movies I had from Netflix (Powder and First Daughter). I also had a meeting for a medieval feast I’m planning but won’t get to go to because it conflicts with a friend’s wedding in Toronto, and I went to a superbowl party yesterday. I rooted for the eagles but really didn’t care who won. At the superbowl party I had something that is apparently a “Daymon Superbowl Tradition”- my first ever bacon burger chili cheese dog. Which is exactly what it sounds like- all those things on one bun. Yikes.
Good thing that my ipod gets me out of bed in the mornings to go for a walk before work- the working out in the mornings is going to be good for me, I just know it. I was talking with Daymon’s mom about gastric bypass surgery yesterday, and Daymon kept coming out of the kitchen to yell “IT’S FOOTBALL!!!” meaning “stop talking about chick stuff during the game”. She had GBS two years ago, and has lost 170 pounds. That’s how much I need to lose. But the idea of GBS scares the hell out of me, so I’m trying other things right now and will re-evaluate my decision when I’m 30 if nothing has changed. But she said something to me, which I’m sure she didn’t intend as mean, so please don’t construe it that way, but one of my friends overheard it and applauded me for my positive outlook. She said “You get down to 180 or so, and you’ll be gorgeous.” And I looked her right in the eye and said, “I’m gorgeous now. At 180 I’ll be gorgeous and healthy.”
So people, feel free to ask how my working out thing is going, keep my ass kicked and motivated…

3 thoughts on “Crackwhores Huffing Turpentine

  1. Almost Lucid (Brad)

    I think it’s awesome that you’re exercising. Your heart thanks you.
    Just so you know, I’ve been getting up at least twice a week at 5:30am to run. It’s the only time I have to do it, but it feels good. Keep it up. Our stationary jobs are trying to kill us!
    Hey, do your research on GBS before considering it. Drastic thing. I’m sure there are books on it, and certain there are websites. I think it’s great for those who need that kind of jump start, but worry about its dangers.

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