Holidays and Future Planning

I always feel weird buying things for myself at the holidays, even if it’s something I need (like the shoes I got yesterday), or something I just want but I know no one will buy for me. Like a stocking hanger. When I lived in Merced (Christmas 1998) I bought myself a stocking. My apartment there had no fireplace, so I hung it on a knob on my entertainment center. My condo had a fireplace, but it was a stovepipe fireplace that didn’t really have anywhere to hang stockings from, so we hung them on nails in the wall. This year, now that I live in a nice house with not one, but two lovely firplace mantels, I wanted to actually hang my stocking on the fireplace. Not that it’ll get filled mind you, but I wanted it hung up properly now that I have a place to do it. So I went to Target for a stocking hanger.
Last year, they had sets that spelled out words, like JOY and NOEL and PEACE. Since there are four people living in the house, I was going to get the 5 piece PEACE set, and hang a brass bell wreath from the extra one. I figured I could use it in years to come, so I’d swallow the cost of it and just share it with whomever I am living with at Christmastime. They didn’t have them this year though, they just had individual ones, and at $10 each, I wasn’t buying one for everyone in the house. They were figurine style, with Santas and sleighs and trees and snowflakes. I chose a lovely silver angel to hang my stocking from, and then I made a decision to buy another one.
I often say “If I ever get married” because let’s face it, we don’t know what the future holds. But I was thinking, “If I ever get married, they won’t have these hangers, and they won’t match.” So I made my first ever purchase with a married future in mind, a matched set of silver stocking hangers- an angel for me, and a nutcracker for him. I try not to do stuff like that, because I don’t want to jinx myself. A friend once bought a gorgeous handmade baby dress in Argentina (she’s Argentinian) for her future daughter to wear. She and her husband never had kids. But in this case I figure it’s okay, because even if I never get married, the hanger will get used. Currently my housemate’s stocking is hanging from it.
Last night I went through all my weekend purchases, wrapped the gifts, figured out who I still need to shop for, and finished up my Christmas cards. For someone who started really late, I think I have a pretty good grip on things an will actually be ready for Christmas by the time it gets here.

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  1. Jo

    I am so far behind. And almost out of time. Not driving is horrible. My SIL is going to take me shopping on Thursday to finish up stockings … if I can get out of work 1/2 a day.

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