As yet un-named

Have you ever said something, and then it happens? I know its not my fault, but the other day I was musing that I hoped a friend’s baby either came “a tiny bit early, or a tiny bit late” because said baby was due the day of another friend’s wedding. I said “a tiny bit”. I didn’t say 9 weeks early. Mom is in the hospital trying to keep the baby in, dad and the four year old are at home. So, please pray, or think good thoughts, or send warm fuzzies, or light a candle for the family.

3 thoughts on “As yet un-named

  1. Caryn

    Just some positive thoughts here… a guy I work with… his first son was 12 weeks early. He had a rough start, but is now an amazing, incredibly healthy little three year old boy.

  2. mia

    it has to be something to do with the moon or the alignments of the planets or something…. a guy at work’s daughter is going through the same thing and so they mentioned it to some other people whose daughter is going through it too and then the more you ask around, the more people are saying that THEY know someone with a baby who is trying to come early… it’s gotta be more than coincidence

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