Kinda like a ham and cheese jelly doughnut

Thought I’d share a couple of fun tidbits from the weekend… Saturday night Keegan and I went out for a late dinner and movie- He really wanted to see Dodgeball (which was SO FUNNY by the way), and we could only find it at 12:20 am if we didn’t want to drive 40 minutes to another theater. So we went to Bennigans to eat, which is one of my favorite places, but it’s changed a lot. The menu is different, and they were doing karaoke. Ugh. We laughed our butts off, but really, karaoke is only fun if you’re drunk. Anyway, keegan ordered this sandwich- it was like the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It was like a club sandwich- ham, turkey and cheese, but no lettuce or tomato. And it was deep fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with jelly. It was really odd.
Then last night I went to church for the first time in forever and I got to see my friend’s baby, Andrew, who is 8 weeks old. The first time I had seen him he was asleep and had a cold, so I couldn’t hold him. But last night my friend said to find her after church because she wanted me to be able to hold him. So I found her out on the lawn afterwards, and Andrew was asleep again but she was going to let me hold him anyway. Just as she pulled back the shade on the infant seat and stroller, we both heard this loud PPTHBBBBHTTTTT! and Andrew’s eyes flew open and he looked startled. He had farted so loud he woke himself up! (and it was just a fart, we made sure) So I got to hold him for a little while- getting one’s baby fix is a very important thing.

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