Just Curious…

Has anyone else ever dropped a tube of toothpaste in a box of unmatched socks and then couldn’t find it? No? I’m the only one that does that? Okay…

6 thoughts on “Just Curious…

  1. Tara

    No, but I shattered a 3/4 full glass bottle of apple juice across my garage last night (not to mention got a flat tire about 500 feet from my house yesterday morning).
    I am such a dork.

  2. PK (Keegan)

    No, but my CAT flipped a half-dead mouse in the laundry basket last night. Of course, Spike wanted me to get it out for him, which I did like a good human. And, yes, when I reached in to get it out of the basket, I shrieked like a girl. I’ve never seen a cat flip a mouse in the air like a baton. But, I have it on film now. 🙂

  3. Dan

    As a young child growing up in Ohio, my father loved to take the family on tent camper excursions all over the midwest. Late one night on a nature call, my father decided to play a little prank on his naive young boy. In the foul, muggy air of a New York state park outhouse he extinguished his flashlight telling me he had dropped it in the pit. He didn’t let me off the hook and tasked me with finding our way back to the campsite in what seemed to me a life and death mission. By the grace of God we somehow made it back to the rest of my slumbering family without being devoured by hungry bears or chopped into little pieces by an opportunistic axe murderer lying in wait for foolish people who had lost their flashlights. The next day, this dutiful son made my way to the ranger’s office, planted my feet and demanded on behalf of my taxpaying father that the ranger retrieve our flashlight from the pit toilet. He chuckled, asked for my campsite number and sent me on my way somewhat less than convinced that he was going to start looking for his old clothes and a rope the moment I left. Later that afternoon, an olive drab pickup truck pulled up to out campsite, the ranger bearing a gift of 2 brand new red plastic flashlights. Embarassed, dad had to confess to his little prank and produced the “missing” flashlight. I didn’t understand what was so funny but I gladly accepted one of the flashlights. I never did put dad in charge of holding the flashlight again.

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