(semi) Instant Replay

The last few minutes went like this:
I folded up some calendar pages and put them in my purse. I pulled out my cell phone to make sure the keyguard was on, and saw that I had two missed calls. Only one new number- “Char Cell”. (this would be my friend Charlotte) Plus new voicemail. I dialed my voicemail, and just as I was about to hit send, the phone rang- Char cell. I answered then immediately hung up, not being able to talk in the office. I walked to the office door and told my coworker I’d be right back. As I touched the doorknob, the phone rang again. The conversation went as follows:
Me: What?! What in the world could be so important?!
Char: Don’t buy the CD!!
Me: What???
Char: Don’t buy the CD!!
Me: What CD???
Char: The new Alanis CD!
Me: Wha..? I don’t even know when it comes out.
Char: Right now dude!! But don’t buy it, I got it for you for your birthday!
Me: Um, ok…
Char: I just didn’t want you to buy it ‘cuz I’m giving it to you for your birthday.
Me: I really wish people would stop telling me what they’re getting me for my birthday…
Char: What do you mean?
Me: Well, I know what PK is giving me too.
Char: Well at least you can tell other people not to get those things for you.
Me: Trust me, no one else is going to get me what PK is getting me.
Char: Yeah, and I’m the only one that would get you Alanis. And she’s on TV for 8 hours!! Anyway, I wanted to tell you because I didn’t know if you were going to run out and buy the CD at lunch or something.
Me: Honey, I like Alanis and all, but I didn’t even know when the CD came out- and even if I did I wouldn’t have raced out to buy it.
Char: Traitor.
Me: Um, well, only one of us can be that obsessed. Otherwise it’d be scary… Hey, why aren’t you at work??
Char: I took the day off.
Me: You took the day off because Alanis’ CD came out??
Char: Yeah! I watched her on Regis and Kelly this morning, and she’s on Oxygen… 8 hours!
Me: Ok, you’re insane.
Char: Come on, I never do this! Listen to me! I’m happy! I’m not on drugs!
Me: Ok. Well, good then… Hey, I gotta get back to work…(Char babbles on happily) Ok, I gotta go… OK, bye… Bye…. Ok… Ok… BYE.
I walk back into the office and announce to my coworker “My best friend: is insane.”
I think it’s been mentioned before- Charlotte is the biggest Alanis Morrisette fan that ever there was- her obsession goes all the way back to the summer of 1995 when Alanis’ first single came out, and has gotten stronger ever since. Her 6 year old son’s first crush was on Alanis (he is now a fan of Angelina Jolie as well), Char has seen Alanis perform in 3 states, about 6 or 7 cities, and almost on 2 continents (she was supposed to spend a semester abroad in college, and Alanis was playing in Scotland at the time she would have been there), and she owns every single Alanis CD ever released- Albums, singles, bootlegs, imports… you name it, she has it. She’s nuts, but I love her anyway.

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