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I am incredibly hard on shoes, and really need to wear better ones than I normally do. I’ve started cutting way back on the throwaway trendy shoes in favor of shoes I can walk 40 blocks in SF in, or wear on my bike. I love these because they’re super cute, but are made by Columbia, who is a known provider of quality outdoor gear. I was actually looking up a pair of shoes my roommate has, and Zappos suggested these as being similar. Also, I love that this particular color scheme is called “Mud/Lollipop”.

6/4/10 ETA: In a somewhat circuitous fashion, in a few days I will own these shoes as a birthday gift from a friend. WOOT!!

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  1. On June 3rd, 2010 at 6:39 pm Deirdre Says:

    If by chance my memory of your shoe size is correct than Amazon currently has a single pair for less than $40!

    (crossing fingers)

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