Daily Fashion Find

I love this sweater from Anthropologie. I will never own it, as it’s $250, but it’s so. pretty. I’ve long been a fan of Anthropologie’s clothes, but have never been anywhere near being able to wear the sizes they carry. I’ve taken more and more interest in fashion over the last couple of years, and again, not done much about how much I like the clothes because I couldn’t wear them, or the accessories I love are expensive to the point of ridiculousness. I have been known to pay over $100 for a leather purse or Shoes Made of Win and Awesome, but $650 for a clutch because of the name that’s on it? No. I can’t afford that, and even if I could, I probably wouldn’t.

I’m seeing new fashion every day- I follow The Feather Report on RSS and quite often like the pieces enough to click on them, then wind up clicking around the online retailer that sells the item. I thought a fun way to get me posting again regularly is to post an item each day that I covet. Many of them will fall into the category of “Awesome But Too Expensive to Even Consider”, but I like them and it’s fun to share.

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