Lyrics meme, sort of

I’ve done this post before- set mp3s to random, post a couple of lines, and you all guess the song and artist. I changed it up a little in that I’ve been acquiring a lot of new music lately, so this is from my purchase history on my phone. Downloaded between mid-summer and two days ago, it’s what I’m diggin on right now… But just because it’s a recent download doesn’t mean it’s not an older song. That’s the only clue I’ll give, and google is cheating…

Have fun!

1. I hear you’re asking all around… If I am anywhere to be found…

2. All those flames that burned before him… now he’s gonna fire fight… got to cool the bad

3. Now the days are so long… that summer’s moving on...

4. Ain’t gonna get no sleep… the buttons on your Levis about to come loose

5. Hush, hush the world is quiet… Hush, hush we both can’t fight it…

6. I came to my senses… let go of my defenses…

7. Oh, life is juicy, juicy and you see I gotta have my bite, sir.

8. She imagined how the current would overtake her… how easy it would be to disappear…

9. Til’ all my sleeves are stained red… With all the truth that I’ve said…

10. I think I found the perfect words to say… the sattelite transmits my voice…

11. You get to watch her leave… out the window guess that’s why they call it window pane

12. I don’t wanna take no pictures… I just wanna take some shots

13. And I don’t even know what kind of things I said… My mouth kept moving and my mind went dead…

14. When the signal keeps on breaking up… when the wires cross in my brain… you’ll start my heart again when I come along

15. Party Crasher, Penny Snatcher, Call me up if you want gangsta…

16. There’s a note left on the table… and all it says is “thanks”

17. If you only knew what the future holds… after a hurricane comes a rainbow

18. People talk about a guy who’s waiting on a girl… there are no holes in his shoes… but a big hole in his world

19. I said it. Go tell it. Confetti. Who ready? I’m ready! You ready! Lets get it!

20. I can’t fix you… I can’t save you… it’s something you have to do


Caryn threatened me!
– Judy
– Juliana
– Judykins
– Judiknyght
– GodsChickyn
– LadyHastings
– my eyes
– I am a good friend
– my conviction

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Late meme

When this meme was going around, I had like 4 mp3’s. Now that I have about 18 hours’ worth, I’m doing it. The object is to put your mp3 player on random and note the first 25 songs played:
1. Collide – Howie Day
2. When You Cry – Vertical Horizon
3. Festive Overture Op. 96 – Shostakovich
4. What Happened to Us – Hoobastank
5. Double Cello Concerto – Vivaldi/Bobby McFerrin
6. Princess – Matt Nathanson
7. A Sorta Fairytale – Tori Amos
8. Surrender – Evanescence
9. Morning After – Howie Day
10. Wild Horses – Tori Amos
11. Faith Like a Child – Jars of Clay
12. Gone – Switchfoot
13. With or Without You – U2
14. Baroque Violin in D Minor – Bach/Vivaldi
15. Goodnight – Evanescence
16. Pretty the World – Matt Nathanson
17. Something More – Switchfoot
18. This Love – Maroon 5
19. Too Little Too Late – Hoobastank
20. I Want You to Want Me – Letters to Cleo
21. She’ll Hear You – Ben Jelen
22. Concerto in C Major RV 447 – Handel/Vivaldi
23. My Immortal (Accoustic Version) – Evanescence
24. Open Your Eyes – Hoobastank
25. Don’t Panic – Coldplay
(Technically #23 was a Rob Christenson song, but I don’t know what it is called so I left it out of the listing)

Page 23, Sentence 5 -or- How to drive Judy insane

1. Find the nearest book.
2. Open to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post it.
Okay, this sucks. I have seen this on various sites (nifty link format stolen from the ever-clever Jules). I tried to do this yesterday at work, and the only book that isn’t a California Court directory is the book I’ve been reading on and off on my lunch hours for the last 5 months.
Page 23: Sentence 5: “‘About a month ago’, I said”.
From The Object of My Affection by Stephen McCauley.
So I tried again last night, having several books quite near to hand on my bedside table.
The first book I grabbed was Ghost Girl by Torey Hayden (Non-fiction). Page 23, Sentence 5? “‘Way to go Glen.'”
So then I tried the next nearest book to hand, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice (writing as A. N. Roquelaure, Fiction). Page 23: Sentence 5: “She was crying again.”
Tried again- The Atonement Child, by Francine Rivers (Fiction). Page 23: Sentence 5: “‘For Evidence.'” Now grammatically, this is not a complete sentence, but the way it’s printed in the book it is.
So I tried yet again. Wicked, by Gregory Maguire (Fiction). Page 23: Sentence 5?? “‘Yes.'”
And again… A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson, thinking maybe if I switch to non-fiction I might get better results. It didn’t work with the first book, but I have hope… Page 23: Sentence 5: ”I thought of that'”
Is this a conspiracy? A curse?? The universe’s way of telling me I need to read more classic literature?? Everyone else I’ve seen post this has had pretty cool stuff (or at least not dialogue in every single book but one) for their Page 23: Sentence 5. But me? No. Even the Bible had nothing worth posting here on page 23 sentence 5. So I decided you know what? You know what you’re getting? Page 23, Sentence 5 of this weeks People magazine…
AAAAARGH!!! Page 23 is a full page ad for the movie Plainsong, a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie airing on CBS this Sunday at 9!
Forget it. Forget the nearest damn book to hand. I went downstairs to the BIG bookshelf in the living room, and grabbed my copy of The Scarlet Letter. I knew Nathaniel Hawthorne wouldn’t let me down. And finally, finally, something worthy of this stupidfucking nifty idea: “If, in our country, valor were rewarded by heraldic honor, this phrase- which it seems so easy to speak, but which only he, with such a task of danger and glory before him, has ever spoken- would be the best and fittest of all mottoes for the General’s shield of arms.”
Gah. See? This is why I do relatively few memes.