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I’m not a big myspacer really… I have one, and I check it once or twice a day, but mostly I use it to keep track of my cousins, people from high school, and a few people from my college years. The vast majority of my “Friends” list is people I know in real life. There are a couple of people I only know online, and a handful of bands (2 out of 3 are local). I rarely use it to send people messages, though if someone messages me I’ll message back. I *do not* use myspace IM. I prefer real email and Trillian.
Myspace has a “bulletin” function, where you can send a message to everyone on your friends list at once. It goes into a special window on one side of your homepage, rather than to your inbox. It seems like a lot of what gets posted are event announcements from the bands and comedians on my list, and those “email forward” type messages- surveys, jokes, “fight the power!”, that sort of thing. Those kind of annoy me, but one or two, whatever, I’ll just ignore it, but don’t abuse it. I took a look and compiled some numbers- and I thought the results were amusing.
– I have 51 myspace friends
– In the last 10 days, I’ve gotten 66 bulletins from 17 individual users
– 12 of those individuals (3 are bands) have posted 1 or 2 bulletins
– 2 have posted 3-4 bulletins and those two are a band and a comedian
– My friend Katie has posted 5 but I forgive her because she’s using it to update people on her pregnancy (she’s about 5 or 6 days past due now)
– My friend Aida has posted 7, and I think they’re all about sex. (I’ve known her since first grade- apparently she’s not my little Aida-bear anymore…)
– That brings the total to 16 users and 33 bulletins
– Meaning my friend Pam has posted 33 bulletins in 10 days. None of them were informational, they were all surveys and jokes and things. Holy crap people. Enough already, y’know?
(this was originally drafted on Thursday, but I haven’t had a chance to get it posted til now. Since I compiled this, Pam has posted 4 more, and Katie posted one saying the baby was on his way!)

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  1. kat

    I’ve definitely skewed your results over the past two days. I think I’m at 5 or 6 in 24 hours now. :/ I need to get out more.

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