A very non-Atkin’s lunch

Now, before anyone starts in on me- I’m not doing Atkin’s. Normally carb consumption is not something I think about obsessively. I mean, while I try to be sort of careful, if I’m craving crackers, I’m gonna eat me some damn crackers, and not say, “oh, too many carbs, I can only have a half of one”. But even I have to ask whose idea it was to put pasta and potatoes in the same can of beef vegetable soup.

One thought on “A very non-Atkin’s lunch

  1. jo

    I lost 75 pounds on WW’s. They just came out with another program called The Core. Its unprocessed foods, whole grains, way less fat .. sort of a mix of South Beach and Atkins with the bad stuff taken out. I’m still doing the Points system but I have a GF who has 12 left to lose and she was stuck until starting Core. She’s lost 1/2 of what she had left.

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