I’ve decided I want to take up running. That might be a bit ambitious, but maybe putting it here will kick my butt into actually doing it. I joined a gym back in early July. I’ve been bad about going the last couple of weeks. It’s hard because I used to go Tues/Thurs/Sat but now I have Shakespeare rehearsals Wed/Thu, which pretty much means if I go to the gym as often as I’m supposed to I’ll be busy every night after work. Ugh. I need to find my intrinsic laziness and find some sort of pattern for myself. I have all these goals for myself which require me to become more active.
Anyone have good tips for someone who hasn’t ever done any running?

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  1. Rasee

    Don’t run. Seriously. Walk. Running is hard on your knees and eventually will make life very hard for you. Walk hard and fast, for an hour a day, and I promise you’ll feel the difference. Take some music, pick a route, carry a bottle of water, and walk. Start slow for about ten minutes, then speed up for about thirty, then slow back down for the last ten. If you don’t want to do an hour, try thirty minutes first. Same method. Slow for seven, fast for fifteen, and then slow for the last eight.

  2. Almost Lucid (Brad)

    That’s really good advice, and it’s what I was going to say too.
    Walk. Walk fast and for a set amount of time. Make sure you sweat a lot and drink water. If you aren’t sweating or breathing hard, you’re proabably not walking long enough or fast enough. You’ll start to feel it in your legs too.
    If you get tired of walking, then try a walk-jog-walk routine.

  3. Ashley

    Judy! Hi! This is your fellow actor, Ashley. I stumbled across your blog when Deirdre sent us the notes last night. I saw your email address and I clicked it and it sent me here! Then, there was much rejoicing.
    Also, running is very tricky, especially if you have never done it before. You must start off lightly jogging first or else you will tire out quickly. Then built yourself up a bit and slowly fall into a pattern of running. Of course, this is coming from someone who has severe Asthma. *laughs*
    Okie, well, I linked my blog here…and I think it will link to my name? I’m not entirely sure. But yes, if it doesn’t, my blog url is: http://www.glitternsage.mindsay.com.
    Farewell dear and I shall see you this evening!

  4. crash happy

    Amen. Don’t run. Walk. Or roller blade. Which is much easier on the knees body except, you know, when you hit pavement at high speed. Then is sucks.
    Whatever you do stretch stretch stretch. Stretch stuff you didn’t even know could hurt. Like yer shins. Stand with feet shoulders width apart. Squat as far down as you can without lifting yer heels. Feel the stretch in you shins. Seriously, shin muscle cramps or “shin splints” are no joke. Ouch. Visions of high school track team come flooding back..noooooooo!

  5. Mick

    Do what I do: Run only when chased (and then only when it’s by somebody unattractive!), and walk as if you were trying to reach the bathroom. 🙂

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