A six-year-old, a paintbrush, and three people in the bathroom…

… or Wow… That’s really…. orange
Saturday night I was babysitting Nathan, and I had promised to help PK paint his bathroom. No problem. I had Nathan’s mom pack him some clothes he could paint in, and we were good to go. PK chose this really bright orange for his bathroom (don’t ask me- he had his reasons), sort of a pastel tangerine.
Nathan was really anxious to help, but he’s only six, and a really short six at that. And PK’s bathroom has tile that goes more than halfway up the wall, so there wasn’t a whole lot he could reach. So we set him to painting the back of the door. PK had to teach him about making sure all his strokes went in the same direction. I set to painting along the top edge of the tile around the bathtub, and the join between the ceiling and the wall. Yes my friends, the ceiling is pastel tangerine as well. We successfully got in each other’s way for a while, holding paint trays for each other, getting each other to move out of the space we needed to be in- it was comical.
Eventually we got to the point where Nathan was more in the way than he was helping. There was probably as much paint on him and the floor around him as he had gotten on the door. So I stripped off his paint covered clothes and carried him to the kitchen, where he sat on the counter in his underoos while I scrubbed the paint off his arms and (very ticklish) feet. I got him into his pjs and settled on the couch with a video, and went back to help finish the bathroom.
We finished up in fairly short order, and left the room to let it dry. After that, every time we walked by the bathroom, we marveled at how insanely bright this orange was. It looks really good, but man it’s bright. I can only guess that the brightness got more intense when PK put on the second coat on Sunday…
And incidentally, PK’s roommate, The Little Prince, gets mad props for playing legos with Nathan while PK and I were getting things ready to paint.

One thought on “A six-year-old, a paintbrush, and three people in the bathroom…

  1. PK

    Okay, it’s NOT tangerine. It’s deep salmon. It’s closer to red than tangerine. Of course, anytime you turn on the bathroom light, it looks tangerine because the tungsten light washes out the red hues.
    By the way, I still haven’t done the trim. 🙂

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